Gooey sticky chicken

Is there anything better then chicken thats finger licking good? Its hard to beat I think! 

Last night I made a selection of chicken thighs and drumsticks in a sticky asian inspired  marinade. I mixed fish sauce, a bit of sugar, garlic, ginger, chilli and some honey. I smothered the chicken with the marinade and they went in the oven until they were gorgeous and sticky! Finger licking good basically 🙂

I decided to serve this dish with polenta. This is popping up quite regularly in my life these days as it’s hearty, healthy and really filling. Not to mention delicious if you cooked it with butter and cheese mixed through it. 

So here was the end result. Simple but really tasty!







Think I’ll be making this one again very soon!

Be happy and eat well everyone! 

Emily xxx


Dinner Party Deliciousness!

We had some friends over for dinner tonight and we really went all out! We love hosting dinner parties and always put a lot of effort in to them. Just because we enjoy it so much!

Tonight we made homemade french onion soup for starter (a dish that James nails every single time!) also this time with a twist of having pieces of crumbly goats cheese on top. Absolute heaven and the perfect way to kick off the dinner. The goats cheese just melted in with the soup and was just so creamy and delicious! I had made some homemade wholemeal bread to go with it and I was chuffed how it turned out!

Here is how the bread turned out: Image

Our main course was Moules Frites (mussels & homemade chips!). We did one pot of mussels in a cider and parsley sauce, another in a chilli and garlic sauce and the third pot was in a creamy white wine sauce. Total yumminess! With a massacre of mussel corpses at the end of it! The sauce with the bread dipped in was pretty tasty! Always a winner at a dinner party I think! There isn’t actually a picture of this because we forgot and just tucked in! 🙂

Dessert was actually my favourite part of the night! I not only had so much fun making it but also had fun eating it! It was homemade pear tart tatan! Delicious! Glistening pears on puff pastry, covered in a gooey caramel sauce. Unbelievably tasty! Here it is (I was happy with the rustic look of it too)


The fun part was taking it out of the oven and turning it upside down so the pastry was underneath! This allowed the caramel to just ooze over the pears. The pears themselves were just melt in the mouth. Total heaven. I served this with cream but vanilla ice cream would be soo good with it too.

Hope your week has been filled with delicious food! Have a great week ahead everybody!

Happy eating!

Emily xxx

pork this, pork that!

I fancied something warming and hearty tonight. literally! I made a tomato based spicy sauce with delicious pork and sweet chilli sausages, and pork heart. The other night we tried lamb heart and it was pretty much as good (if not better) then an actual fillet of lamb! I was really surprised! Well, pork heart isn’t quite as tasty as pork fillet and pork belly, but it does have a really nice texture and flavour and worked really well in this dish. To complement this I also made a loaf of oat and linseed bread for mopping up all the sauce. Always a good call with a saucy dish! All the work of kneading a loaf pays off when you get to sit and eat fresh warm bread that you can dip in a spicy tomato sauce. just delish.

Anyway, here’s how it all turned out!



Totally yummy, warming and it also makes pretty good left overs for lunch the next day! James brought some in to his work with some olive ciabatta and I heard pretty good things about it! 

Unfortunately we had none to hand, but this would be amazing with some red wine too!

Well, enjoy everyone and happy eating of course!

Emily  xxx

Little Sprats!

After popping to the supermarket and snapping up some brilliant bargains on fish, we cooked something a little different tonight! Stepping a bit out of our comfort zone, we picked up some Sprats! I’d never cooked these before in my life or eaten them! In terms of cooking, we soon discovered that little needs done to this fish. You can shallow fry them the same way as sardines or whitebait and their bones are so brittle you barely notice them when eating, meaning you can eat the entire fish very easily! 

The sprats were seasoned and dusted with flour and then fried in olive oil. The flour makes them lovely and crispy. They only take a couple of minutes and what a delicious, healthy and rustic meal we had! I squirted some fresh lime and sprinkled some parsley over the them after arranging them on to the plate. Totally delicious!





I love trying something completely new and being pleasantly surprised! This actually filled me up as well even though James and I shared the portion you can see! I recommend these fish, they are little gems! I’m already thinking of some other dishes I can use sprat in!

We got some brilliant bargains on fish this evening, so we’ll be cooking it loads this week. Watch this space! 

Well, happy eating everyone and have a yummy week ahead!

Emily xxx

French Romance…

I had the best day with James last Thursday (Valentines Day). This may sound strange but even though I’m in a loving relationship, I can’t stand how commercialised and cheesy Valentines Day has become. Luckily, james and I get to share a completely different celebration on this day. We went on valentines day 7 years ago and so we see it as a day to celebrate first meeting. Instead of going out for dinner in a cheesy valentines day themed restaurant, we decided to do something a little more low key but completely special all the same. We decided to go to a French cafe called Petit Paris in Edinburgh and what a brilliant time it turned out to be! After deciding to order just a starter and a dessert, it turned out to be a great choice as the portions were generous. For starter James had a homemade terrine of the day served with gherkins. It was made up of Red Deer and served with gherkins and a nice salad. I on the other hand decided I’d be very adventurous and have snails! I’ve had 2 experiences of snails in my life. One was a good previous experience in a french restaurant and the other was a disaster. On a field trip to france one of my Uni lecturers cooked some snails which he caught himself but they ended up tasting like grass and soil. Not so good… But the snails in this french cafe were fantastic! They were marinated in olive oil, garlic and herbs. I think many people have issues with the texture, but they are really just like eating mussels. It’s always a great meal when you are provided with a basket full of delicious home made french baguette and so dipping this in to the oily garlicy sauce was complete heaven!! We also had just some red table wine to go with it and it was just perfect. Something about sitting in a french cafe drinking red wine and eating homemade crusty bread makes me pretty happy. As it would most people 🙂

Heres the snails I had! So good.


i haven’t even got to the best bit yet!!

Since we were in a French cafe and in a very French mood, it could only have been a cheeseboard for dessert! I couldn’t of been happier then when I was putting a big piece of cheese on the crusty bread and washing it down with a sip of red wine. Can you tell I was loving it? Tres bien! 🙂

So here was our delicious cheeseboard. I loved the extra touch of the cheese which was rolled up like a flower!


So we had the perfect date in the perfect place with amazing food. What a great day!

I hope you all have had a great week and hope this week is filled with plenty of delicious things to eat!

Happy eating everyone! Bon Appetit!

Emily xxx

Chicken and black pudding?

Hi folks! I haven’t blogged in a few days but I’m back with something I hope you’ll find quite interesting!

Tonight’s dinner was delicious. I absolutely love black pudding. Not only is it amazing in a squishy roll with a runny egg to ease a hangover, but it makes a lovely accompaniment to other meat. I was a lucky girl at lunch time as James rustled up black pudding with some scallops! It was something different and we rarely ever cook scallops so it was just a really nice treat. So I wanted to treat him back with a tasty dinner! I seasoned the chicken thighs with salt, pepper & some dried thyme and fried off on either side until browned, concentrating most on the skin side (we both love cripsy skin!). Then I popped it in the oven at 190 degrees to cook all the way through for about 20 minutes. Whilst that cooked away, I made a side dish consisting of half a pint of chicken stock, a very generous tbsp of cream cheese, cannellini beans, salt & pepper and lovely chunks of black pudding. All these ingredients seemed to just gel together gorgeously! I let all that simmer away until the chicken was cooked all the way through.

I also cooked a bit of savoy cabbage on the side. Have to get the greens in there too! 🙂

This was super tasty and didn’t take long to cook at all. Also, James loved it which is great!

It’s not the best photo in the world, but you do get the idea! 🙂


So as always folks, happy eating and hope your week is filled with yummy food!

Emily xxx

Chilli Con Carne With a Twist!

Tonight I thought I would make something traditional but add my own twist to it. Chilli con carne! This has always been a favourite of mine (and James) especially when it’s so cold outside!

So as far as I am aware, chilli con carne usually comes in the form of beef mince with kidney beans. I decided to make this dish with extra lean turkey mince and butter beans. And it was so good!

I sweated off 2 garlic cloves and a chopped white onion, then I added in the turkey mince. I added passata, butter beans, a tbsp of tomato puree and then a chopped red chilli. Allowing all the seeds to go in to the dish as we love a bit of heat! To add another little spark I popped in some rosemary sprigs as well and allowed it to simmer away for about 45 minutes. It was so worth this wait. It was delicious, warming and comforting. I had a piece of bread with mine and decided to just go all out and squidge some chilli con carne in to a sandwich, I was that hungry! 🙂

Well, here it was! 




Happy eating everyone!

Emily xxx

Lean eating

My day today has been disgustingly healthy (hmm, is that actually a term?!) Anyway! I had a pretty healthy lunch consisting of quinoa, kidney beans, sugar snap peas, cabbage and sweetcorn. I know, wheres the meat right? (I had no meat in the fridge but it was pretty tasty as it was!) Plus I dont mind some of my meals being vegetarian 🙂 I do find though that you really need to season quinoa well as it can be quite bland! I normally find olive oil, pepper and boiling it in salted water does the trick. But of course you can mix anything with it and adjust the flavours as you please. 

Dinner was a lean gammon steak with an egg (sunny side up!) for some reason these two things are just glorious together! I also had the rest of the quinoa mix on the side too! 



Quinoa leaves me so full seeing as it’s a whole protein and so it’s great if you’re looking to lose a few pounds too! 

Well as ever, happy eating everyone and I hope your week ahead is filled with deliciousness!

Emily xxx

Red Velvet Cake

Ok, this entire week I have been eating so healthy, cutting back a little on calories and working out (my bridal panic!) But, seeing as it’s the weekend and I have been good all week it was time for a treat. In the form of red velvet cake! This is from a local cafe and seeing as I’d never tried it before I just couldn’t resist! James had a piece too and he loved it! I was quite excited when I seen it as I’ve been curious about it for so long. Although it really is just a sponge cake, it just looks so gorgeous with that deep red colour along with its white frosting. It really did live up to the name and was velvety and moist. gorgeous! 

It has inspired me to bake one and I can’t wait to see how that goes! 



Happy eating everyone! Have a great weekend and I hope it’s filled with tasty food! 

Emily xxx

Healthy lean start

What is a more healthy and filling start to the day then some wholemeal toast, turkey rashers and scrambled eggs? I opted for turkey as it’s such a lean meat and it was actually a pretty nice change from the usual bacon. Not that there is anything wrong with bacon, I absolutely love bacon! But this really hit the spot this morning and it was pretty healthy. Good cup of coffee too!


Some chives brightened it up and just made it look pretty! 🙂

I’m trying to eat a lot more protein to totally tone up for my wedding in August! Exciting times!

Well, have a good day everyone and I hope it’s filled with lots of yummy food!

Happy eating!

Emily xxx